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What is Herbal Medicine?


Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicine in the world. Treatment combines natural plant medicines with up to date scientific knowledge. Herbal medicine is holistic and treats the whole person. It aims to treat the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. Herbal Medicine is safe for most people, including children and the elderly or infirm.

Is Herbal Medicine Safe to Take With Other Medication?


Herbal medicine is often safe to take with conventional medication. Medical Herbalists are trained to prescribe safely and be aware of possible herb-drug interactions and will thus prescribe accordingly. The side-effects associated with taking herbal medicine are minimal.

What can herbal medicine help?

Herbal medicine treats the person not the disease so it has something to offer everyone.

I often see patients presenting with:

~ Allergies, asthma and hayfever

~ Menstrual problems & infertility

~ Menopause

~ Urinary tract infections

~ Enlarged prostate

~ CFS/ME & Post-viral fatigue

~ Cardio-vascular conditions

~ Digestive complaints

~ Colds and flu and other viral infections

~ Skin problems

~ Stress, anxiety and low mood

~ Insomnia

~ Chronic illness

~ Arthritis

The list is endless......

What happens in a consultation?

The initial consultation takes up to 90 minutes either in person in clinic or via Zoom. We take an in-depth look at your health, wellbeing, diet, lifestyle, past medical history, explore all the bodily systems and try to piece together a picture of how you have got to where you are at present in terms of your health.

I will need to know about any medicine or supplements you already take. I am trained to work alongside pharmaceutical medication where necessary and prescribe safely.

After the consultation I will formulate a treatment plan and dispense bespoke herbal remedies specific to your needs. I usually work with tinctures and dried herbs with the addition of dietary supplements as and when required. I also dispense herbal creams, oils, salves, capsules, glycerites and other preparations as appropriate. Often a course of treatment is needed over several months or longer.

After the initial consultation, you will need to come back after a few weeks to assess progress and inform subsequent treatment. Whilst undergoing treatment, I will need to see you every month to keep steering things in the right direction. Each course of treatment is different. Some conditions may take longer to respond. Sometimes I may need to refer you to your doctor or for further testing.


How much does it cost?

I operate a sliding scale for my consultations to keep costs down for people on lower incomes.  Suggested sliding scale fees: First Consultation (up to 90 minutes) Sliding scale based on income Up to £15,000 = £50 Up to £25,000 = £60 Up to £35,000 = £70 Up to £45,000 = £80

Herbal medicine is additional.  Tinctures are £8/100ml, tea blends are £9/100g.

Follow up appointments are needed every few weeks during a course of treatment to discuss progress, other issues arising and ensure that the correct treatment continues to be given. A follow up is needed before any changes to medicine can be made. The appointment will take between 30 and 60 minutes. Treatment will continue for as long as necessary with follow ups every month at first then every few months as things improve. Each course of treatment is different. Some conditions may take longer to respond.


Suggested sliding scale fee: Follow-up Consultation (up to 60 minutes) Income up to £15,000 = £30 Up to £25,000 = £40 Up to £35,000 = £50 Over £35,000 = £60

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