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Sugar Detox Pack

Sugar Detox Pack

This pack is designed to support people who want to kick their sugar habit, reduce carb cravings, balance blood sugar levels, and gain control over their eating habits or weight.  It contains Detox Tea (50g), Slimmer's Tea (50g), a tea ball infuser, Viridian Chromium and Cinnamon Complex (1 week supply) and a 7 Day Sugar Detox Plan Booklet which contains facts, figures, recies and support to transform your health in just 7 days!


Balanced blood glucose is key to any weight maintenance program and helps reduce cravings and energy slumps which can sabotage attempts to improve the diet.


The Chromium and Cinnamon Complex contains Chromium, a key mineral for enhancing blood glucose control, increasing sensitivity to insulin, the hormone which allows glucose to enter cells to be used for fuel. It can help reduce food cravings and the neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for appetite.

It also contains Alpha lipoic acid, which enhances insulin signaling and is also a potent antioxidant.  Cinnamon also improves blood glucose control and stimulates insulin receptors, reducing fasting blood glucose.


The Detox Tea contains a blend of liver-stimulating bitters and kidney-stimulating diuretics to aid the body's extretory and eliminative functions, which is beneficial after periods of over-indulgance of alcohol or rich fatty, or sweet foods.  Contains milk thistle which helps protect the liver from toxins such as alcohol whilst also stimulating repair of this important organ of detoxifiation.


The Slimmer's Tea is designed to stabilize blood sugar levels, helping to reduce sugar or carb cravings and reduce binge eating.  As there is often an emotional aspect to over-eating, caused by stress, anxiety or depression, there are some herbs to support the nervous system and help enhance feelings of calm

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