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Danielle Kay
Medical Herbalist

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Professional natural healthcare

Herbal medicine, nutrition, functional medicine testing

Welcome!  Whatever your reason for seeking me out, I can help you to feel better.  Whether you are looking to optimize your health and wellbeing and prevent future ill health (well done you!) or you are seeking relief from illness or debility, I can help you!   

I have been in practice for over 11 years and although women's health is my area of special interest, I can help people with all sorts of issues such as thyroid disorders, metabolic syndrome, digestive/gut/microbiome disorders, food intolerances, stress/anxiety/low mood, poor immune system function, cardiovascular health, insomnia, allergies and much more.

I work with my patients to empower them to take better care of their health for the long term.  I take a comprehensive consultation examining their whole health history, use functional medicine testing where necessary to inform treatment, dispense individualized herbal medicine and supplements and support patients to make diet and lifestyle changes which will have a lasting positive impact on their health.

I work with seasonal, local and abundant herbs as much as possible, forage sustainably, grow my own and prepare my products using only natural ingredients because earth care is a fundamental part of my practice.  I believe we have important work to do in healing the Earth.  A sick planet results in sick people, which is so evident in these times.


Sustainable practice of herbal medicine ensures it will live on into the future. This is crucial because demand for herbal medicine has rocketed in recent times as people increasingly seek a holistic, safe and effective alternative to existing healthcare provision, one which does not harm their health or the Earth.  Herbal medicine has to be the medicine of the future.

Some of my products are available to purchase online here.  If you don't see what you're looking for or need extra information, get in touch.  

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